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Why KYEG Sunglasses?

▶ The ‘REAL’ sunglasses that the best way to block harmful lights

The KYEG sunglasses able to protect your eyes from UV up to 99.9% as well as prevent eye fatigue and various eye diseases. The deterioration of oxidative stress due to exposed from 420 nm lights can be prevented with the most ideal sunglasses KYEG.

>> KYEG Lenses and sunglasses UV test

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▶ UV and Eye Care


“Wearing sunglasses which capable of blocking UV and region of short wavelength, it is efficient way to protect and sustain eye health. To prevent diseases such as AMD(Age-related Macular Degeneration) and cataracts which highly recommended to wear sunglasses, especially people who had LASIK and LASEK surgery.”

- Representative of Yonsei Brighton ophthalmology, Young Soo, Nah

Especially, on a day with high level of SPF exposed and even normal day, people should be aware of their eyes that it may harm their eyes due to UV and HEV(High Energy Visible). It is essential to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes themselves which the lenses should equip with high level of blocking rate. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology’ research, it is essential to be worn sunglasses that allowed avoiding UV and cataract risk by a quarter. Especially in a day between 12:00 to 4:00 pm, we highly recommend to avoid direct contact from sunlight or UV.

▶ HEV and Eye Care

▶ Comparison of damage caused by UV and HEV


▶ Why we should use KYEG lens?

Typically, such eye disease known as AMD(Age-related Macular Degeneration), cataracts, etc. is caused by UV, short wavelength region of 400nm~420nm as HEV(High Energy Violet) which give significant damage to the retina. Among these, the ‘routine’ which located in macular, is essential in order to maintain a healthy form of macular pigment in the retina by absorbing short wavelength light including UV to avoid eye disease and inhibiting oxidative stress.

KYEG lens is able to block UV and intense short wavelength of HEV up to 420nm as well as inhibiting oxidative stress and deterioration of the routine. Normally, blue cut has 380nm~500nm which has a significant impact on our own eyes. To maintain healthy eyes, we highly recommend using KYEG lens that capable of blocking up to 40%. It has been recognized academically through the research from German and Japanese ophthalmologist that wearing sunglasses is essential in modern days to keep our eyes to be safe.

▶ Especially we recommend UV+420cut for

• Children kids generally receive 3X three times the annual sun exposure of adults.
: "Children’s Eyes More Susceptible to Long-term Damage from UV Rays" research has shown that their young eyes are especially susceptible to UV-related harm. Unlike the mature lens of an adult eye, a child’s ocular lens cannot effectively filter out UV rays and so more radiation reaches the retina. In fact, early signs of pterygia may be seen in young children.

• TEENAGERS shorter wavelength of 400~420 which we call high energy violet(HEV) light, is more harmful for younger individuals under 20 years old because their eye lenses are very transparent.

• The moment that SUNGLASS is not suitable UV+420cut is available for clear lens. Therefore it can be worn also on the official or business occasions when dark colored lens sunglass is considered unsuitable.

• Prescription EYE GLASS USERS If you are already using glasses for eye sight correction, it is easy. You can benefit from UV420+ technologies with your existing frame only by changing lenses.

▶ KYEG lens has certified by KRISS that the results of UV protection rate.

(Test No. : 1501-00626-001 Test Date : 2015. 6. 23)

▶ KYEG sunglasses can protect your eyes from strong external accident.

KYEG lens produced to use MR-8 PLUS as a raw material that has the excellent impact resistance, made by MITSUI, Japanese company.

>> KYEG lens hardness test

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>> KYEG lens hardness test Vol. 2 - Vehicle

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